Our Mission

We connect North Central Florida communities to today’s American playwrights and to each other. We do this by promoting, developing, presenting and producing new American plays.

Y-Not Theatre organizes the Gainesville Playreaders, a monthly community-based play sharing event.  The Gainesville Playreaders travels to different sites each month, sharing the works of today’s professionally, produced playwrights with people who might not have been exposed to these writers before.

Y-Not Theatre also hosts community connectivity workshops with local nonprofits such as Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, SWAG and Welcome Gainesville. 

Y-Not Theatre believes that the works of today’s American playwrights help us communicate our experiences to each other.  


Y-Not is committed to anti-racism, inclusion, and togetherness.

Our collaborators, family members, neighbors, and friends are impacted daily by the acts of systemic racism that we are currently being forced to face in our country. As a storytelling institution, we are committed to dedicating our resources to engage in the stories that build anti-racism, inclusion, and togetherness.

We pledge to continue our mission of connecting North Central Florida to today’s American playwrights and to each other especially during these challenging times.

Here is a link to some plays, books, and articles that we would like to suggest.


With your donations we can:

Connect the work of today’s great American plays to our community

Bring more contemporary American playwrights to North Central Florida

Expand the canon of theatrical work being done in this area

Support local playwrights in the development and promotion of their stories

Help us grow Gainesville’s newest nonprofit theatre with a new perspective and a commitment to compensating artists for their work.

Why not?